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The Whaleshark is the largest fish in the sea reaching lengths up to 12 meters or more! Swimming close to the water surface they use their enormous jaws to gobble up plankton (their favorite meal) and small fish. The whaleshark lives in warm, tropical seas such as the Philippine sea and are known to migrate during spring time to the west coast of Australia. Although they are massive they are considered friendly giants and sometimes even allow swimmers to hitch a ride on their backs! If you are interested in meeting these friendly, magnificent creatures, avail of the whale shark watching tour!

The tour starts as early as 6AM in Panglao, Bohol where you will be taken to Oslob, Cebu by boat. The boat ride takes about 2 hours and from there our guides will lead you to see the beautiful creatures.

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The whaleshark watching tour can be booked here. However, please take note that the prices of the whaleshark watching trips tend to fluctuate. The prices upon booking may not correspond to the most recent rates and are only an indication. Upon reservation our tour guides will confirm the current rates of the tour with our partners and consult you before confirming the tour.

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