Pamilacan Island: Bohol’s unknown treasure

pamilacan island

Pamilacan Island, located in the town of Baclayon, offers a romantic getaway for you and your partner. This shows in the many visitors that have looked back over their shoulder reminiscing the days spend in a private seaside cottage on the white sands. While relaxing and unwinding you can discover the diverse marine life. Although the island is unknown to many tourists, it has so much to offer! Why not take a look while you’re here?

Pamilacan Island: Marveling at the marine life

Despite the fact you can walk around the small island in less than an hour, there are plenty of activities. Ask a locals to take you to the coral gardens and fish sanctuaries. After a short boat ride you can snorkel until your lungs give out and marvel on the colorful and diverse coral reefs, fishes, clams, octopuses and much more! It was only recently a big family of turtles was discovered around the island. Tours are also offered to see these majestic and friendly creatures. And if you are really lucky, you may even spot a manta ray.

An affordable and fun destination

Pamilacan island is unknown to most tourists which is good news for any travelers wallet. Seaside cottages can be availed of for as little as 500 Philippine pesos per night and may we reveal another secret? If you travel around the town’s fiesta, the boat fares are given out against discounted rates. Arriving in the friendly and close community, you may also expect to be invited in one of the locals’  homes for some delicious fiesta treats. And, do have a try at the occasional song on the karaoke machines. Don’t be shy. It is much appreciated and probably the fastest way to make a friend or two!

How to get to Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan Island can be reached through simply catching a boat on the Baluarte Pier in Baclayon. Boat trips, unfortunately, do not ride as regular as more popular tourist destinations. Contact us for more information on boat fares and schedules, so we can arrange that boat ride for you! Lunch and activities can also be included in the boat fare, so you can have a worry-fee and enjoyable (couple of) day(s).