Island Hopping Bohol

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The Island Hopping Bohol Tour takes you out in the sea to discover what the deep blue ocean has to offer! Feast your eyes on the beautiful grey dolphins while they circle and turn around the boats in search of their early breakfast. Continue your journey to Balicasag Island where the locals give you a warm and heartily Bol-anon welcome. Then, for a memorable snorkeling experience in the local fish sanctuary with fishes in all colours you can imagine. Lastly, end your tour with a visit to the white sand bar of Virgin Island.

Additional optional activities at Balicasag island are turtle watching and clam watching. Please take note that the fees charged for these activities are not included in the tour package Island Hopping Bohol Tour.



  • Dolphine Watching
  • Snorkeling at Balicasag Island
  • Virgin Island (white sand bar)

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Number of Pax Rate per Pax
1 Pax 3,500.00 Php
2 Pax 1,950.00 Php
3 - 4 Pax 1,450.00 Php
5 - 6 Pax 1,000.00 Php
7 - 8 Pax 860.00 Php
9 - 10 Pax 800.00 Php
11 - 15 Pax 780.00 Php

*Free boat fare and entrance to Balicasag Island included. Not included: snorkeling gear, guide at Balicasag island, lunch and other meals.

About Bohol Fun Tours
Bohol Fun Tours is a newly established organization (2015) that connects tourists within and outside the Philippines with local tour guides in the island of Bohol. We start of as a small organization, but we strive that our authentic Bol-anon experiences among the locals and high quality tours will turn us and our home into our guests’ favorite get-away choice. This way we can make everybody understand why the island of Bohol and her people stole our hearts and those of so many others.

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