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Are the answers to your questions left unsatisfied? Do not hestitate to contact Bohol Fun Tours. Our specialized tour guides can give you proper advices on all your travel needs! Maybe you would like to customize your tour. Or perhaps you would like to find the perfect hotel, local restaurant or rent a car or van in the neighborhood. No problem! Call our specialized tour guides for direct contact or e-mail us the contact form below. In short: we take care of you and all your travel needs to make sure your trip to Bohol is one to remember forever!

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Phone:           +63948 407 6476 (Smart)
                        +63936 162 7814 (Globe)
Address:         Cogon District, Tagbilaran City, 6300,
                         Bohol Province
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About Bohol Fun Tours
Bohol Fun Tours is a newly established organization (2015) that connects tourists within and outside the Philippines with local tour guides in the island of Bohol. We start of as a small organization, but we strive that our authentic Bol-anon experiences among the locals and high quality tours will turn us and our home into our guests’ favorite get-away choice. This way we can make everybody understand why the island of Bohol and her people stole our hearts and those of so many others.

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Contact Information:
Tagbilaran City, 6300, Bohol Province
+63948 407 6476
+63936 162 7814

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