Meeting up with the Philippine tarsier

philippine tarsier

The Philippine tarsier, often referred to as the smallest primate in the world, is another one of Bohol’s greatest prides. It attracts many tourists to the island and is about the only place where they can be spotted. Meet them in person with the help of the guides and caretakers of the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.

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Corella’s Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

Among densely forested area's in the town Corella one may find the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. Within and outside this protected area the tarsiers are free to go wherever they want. They occasionally show their faces, but do so on their conditions. Local caretakers and tour guides try to spot the tarsiers every morning. This way you can observe these stunning Philippine tarsiers with your own eyes!

Meet also Mr. Carlito Pizarras who has spend a life time protecting and preserving the tarsiers and who stands at the root of the tarsier sanctuary and the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. With his status as the “Tarsier Man” of the island of Bohol he often receives as much attention as his protected little primates do!

Endangered Philippine Tarsier


There are several causes that have resulted in the near extinction of the Philippine tarsier in the Bohol Province. Tarsiers typically live in dense forested areas and the quick deforestation of the island has led to only few places being left in which the tarsier can live a carefree life.

Secondly,tarsiers that are found by locals are made victim of pet trade among the island. These little primates are hard to keep in captivity due to their tendency to commit suicide when under continuous stress. Luckily, sanctuaries as the one in Corella have been established to help preserve the tarsier and save it from extinction.

Tarsier Fun Facts

  • The eyes of the tarsier are so big each eye weighs more than its entire brain!
  • Tarsiers earned their name through their long ankles (tarsus bones) which they use to make jumps up to 5 meters.
  • The locals in Bohol believe that the tarsier is the pet of certain gods or fairies that linger into the forests of the island.
  • As a nocturnal animal a good sight of its surroundings is extremely important to the tarsier which is why he is able to turn his head 360 degrees!
  • A baby tarsier is no bigger than the thumb on your right hand! Mother tarsier can only conceive and deliver one baby at a time and her pregnancy takes as long as 6 months.
  • Tarsiers have facial muscles which allows them to make certain facial expressions just like humans!
  • Rumor has it that the features of the tarsier were the creative input for the creation of Star War's Master Yoda.