Loboc River Cruise: Enchant Yourself

loboc river cruise

There are many reasons why local and foreign tourists flutter towards the Municipality of Loboc. The Municipality is well-known as the birth place of the world-famous Loboc Childrens Choir. Another reason is the beautiful emerald green Loboc River and the Loboc River cruise.

Feast your eyes on the beautiful, densely forested river banks, the emerald green river and the waterfalls. Enjoy a generous and delicious lunch while being entertained by the locals through their traditional music and dances. Feeling up for it? Allow the cheeky local ladies and gentlemen to teach you their traditional dances. How about the tinikling and the kurandang? What a way to experience the true Bol-anon culture.

The Loboc river cruise is part of the tour package “Countryside Tour”. Find out more about the Bohol Countryside Tour here. Any questions left unanswered? Do not hesitate to contact us!

History of Loboc and the Loboc river cruise

Although the missionaries first settled in the town of Baclayon, Loboc became their safe haven. After Baclayon was raided by 300 Maguindanao Moros on October 13, 1600, the Jesuits fleed to Loboc. They feared for another attack. Loboc was therefore the second town in Bohol to become a parish which resulted in the construction of a gorgeous stone church of centuries old. A perfect example of 18th century Jesuit architecture and another attractions that leaves many tourists in awe upon visit.

The Loboc river cruise was founded more recently. The Loboc river, once considered an ordinary river, turned into the ultimate eco-tourism destination experience. This doubled the income of the locals over the course of several years leaving Loboc dependent almost entirely on the tourism sector.

Loboc after the earthquake

After the earthquake that hit on October 13, 2016, the people of Loboc were left forced to collect what was left of their heritage. The church was nearly split in half and destroyed beyond repairs. Typhoon Seniang who arrived shortly after washed away what was left of the useful remains.

The docks of the Loboc river cruise and river banks were damaged by these forces of nature as well. However, after brief fixes the Loboc river cruise rose from its ashes several weeks later and is as joyful as ever!